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Personal Alarms from SafeGirl Security

Personal Alarms for Fashion Conscious Princesses

Personal alarms for fashion conscious princesses! Safe Girl sells stylish and fun personal safety alarms and security gadgets to keep you safe wherever you are.

From little girls walking home from school, to big girls out on the town, or mums in the park with their toddlers. You’re all special stars in this big fairy tale world of ours. So keep one of our personal alarms on you for some extra peace of mind. Stay safe. Be a Safe Girl.   Read our fairytale...

Stay Safe: Know the Facts...

...About Child Safety:

In the UK an estimated 140,000 children are reported missing every year to the authorities (Daily Telegraph).

On average, one to two children are killed at the hands of another person every week in England and Wales (NSPCC) (Home Office).

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Why you Need a Personal Alarm

Crime against women is on the rise. More and more women are becoming victims of rape, and these rapes are taking on a more brutal and malicious form. Victims are reporting gang rapes where more than one person assaults the woman at a time. And if they live through it, the humiliating way in which the police gather evidence is extremely callous and degrading. That's just the second victimization of the woman. If their perpetrators are caught, which they seldom are, then the woman must endure a painful and further humiliating court trial where she is put on the stand and made to feel as if she brought it all on herself.

Rape is on the rise, especially with young women and female students, and victims that live to tell their story are reporting the viciousness of their attackers. Often reporting being sodomized both anally and orally, then beat into unconsciousness, sometime into a coma, and some are even beaten to death, never able to tell their sad tales or bring the criminals to justice. Many are left with lifelong facial scarring, many requiring extensive surgery to mend the broken facial bones. Some are left partially blind, paralyzed and even brain damaged, fated to live the rest of their lives this way. And those that do live through it report a feeling of loss of security, self-esteem and a constant state of uneasiness out in public, often becoming reclusive. Many victims report bad dreams and nightmares that reoccur over and over again, making them relive the hellish experience. Imagine the horror of living through a rape only to discover your attacker has given you the AIDS virus? This has happened many times, and it too is on the rise.

But here's the good news, you don't have to be a victim to these crimes. Now there is a way to defend and protect yourself against rape, robbery and the brutality of the streets.

You need the protection of a personal alarm. An alarm, such as our Pebble Keyring Alarm is something you wear on your person. It emits a very loud, extremely annoying alarm that rapists and attackers flee from. It may be aggravating to your attacker, but it will be music to your ears. Studies show that carry an alarm wards off 97% of potential attacks, yet less then 3% of women carry one.

personal attack alarm, is a cost effective and reliable way to take pre-cautions against an attacker, but which type should you choose? With so many types of rape alarms to choose from it can be confusing as to which type suits your needs. One of the most important features of the alarm has to be the sound it emits. It should be as shrill as possible and louder than 130db (approx 138db is extremely loud).

Also consider the size. A tiny alarm may seem convenient to pop in your bag or pocket, however, will it get lost in the bottom of your bag? How long will the sound last? Is it easy to handle? The best type of attack alarm is one that fits in your hand but is still very loud. Think also about how it is activated - you don't want one which will go off accidentally if it rubs against something in your bag or pocket but on the other hand you want something which can be activated with the minimal amount of fuss, for example with a pull chain, such as our DUSK alarm. You should also remember to check the batteries on a regular basis!

personal alarm can save more then your life, it can save your dignity as well. Investing in a one is a small cost compared to the consequence of becoming another crime statistic.

About Me

Hi, I’m Andrea and I started Safe Girl back in 2011. I’m also a mother of four gorgeous girls (my babies). I’m not paranoid about security, but I am totally concerned about their safety, just as any normal mum would be. When I launched Safe Girl, I mainly had them in mind, but I also saw it as a way to help other girls to be safe, and young women too. A bit like a safety surrogate mum, if you like!

Then something else happened. The very same month I started Safe Girl, I entered into a new and what turned out to be a highly abusive domestic relationship.

Some 18 months later, having suffered both physical and emotional abuse, I finally escaped and started a very personal journey of my own. This meant rediscovering myself: exploring how I could fall into such an abusive relationship, so blindly and willingly, without understanding what was going on for so long, despite all the physical blows and emotional torment. I learned so much about myself. I also learned a lot about the covert tactics of abuse, how it isn’t like you think it is, how the victim lies to protect her abuser.

Being an adult victim of abuse is not very different from being a teenage victim of bullying.

It is now my absolute passion and mission to educate all girls and women about safety issues both out on the streets and inside their own homes and relationships. I want to empower as many teens, and women as possible to be in control and to help them see the danger signs. Once we have the knowledge and the tools to make better decisions, and know ourselves more, we are better equipped to be safe and strong, physically and mentally. It’s powerful stuff. Through experience, I can now recognise the red flags a lot sooner and have the strength to walk away.

That’s why I now speak up for those affected by domestic abuse, as well as campaign for street safety and stand up for rape and attack victims.

The Safe Girl message - to keep all girls and women safe, inside and outside the home - is more important to me than ever in light of this experience.