Give The Gift Of Safety This Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect stocking filler for a teenage girl, a Secret Santa gift for someone in the office, or a present for a loved one – what better than the gift of safety this Christmas?

Here at Safe-Girl, we have fashionable, stylish and pretty designs of all kinds of personal alarms and child locators. Check out our DUSK alarm, which makes the ultimate fashion accessory for any contemporary woman, as well as having the potential to save lives.

In the meantime, please check out our festive safety tips:

Christmas Shopping

  • Don’t get loaded down with too many bags. Try to keep one hand free.
  • Try and avoid taking young children into busy shopping areas. If it is unavoidable make sure they know what to do if they lose you, e.g. tell the nearest counter assistant that they are lost and NEVER leave a shop without you.
  • Agree a meeting point with older children in case you get separated.
  • Be careful where you park your car, especially if you will be returning to it after dark.
  • If parking in a multi-storey car park, choose a well-lit space as close to the exit as possible and away from pillars. Reverse into position.
  • Keep car doors locked whilst driving in built up areas, especially if you’ve got bags of presents in the car.
  • Don’t leave lots of presents on show in a parked car as they could tempt thieves
  • Keep alert and aware of your surroundings, especially in busy shops and crowded streets where thieves and pickpockets may well be operating.
  • Keep a close watch on your valuables and try not to keep them all in one place.
  • Always carry a personal alarm.

Christmas Parties

  • Most of us like a drink or two but remember that alcohol will affect your judgment – don’t let it endanger your personal safety.
  • Remember, the most common date rape drug is alcohol, with victims being given drinks with a far higher alcohol content than they think.
  • Watch your drinks and food to ensure that nothing is added to them.
  • Never leave your drink unattended, even if you are going onto a dance floor or to the toilet.
  • If your drink has been left unattended, do not drink any more of it.
  • If something tastes or looks odd, do not eat/drink any more of it. Be aware though that some date rape drugs are colourless and tasteless.
  • If someone you do not know or trust offers to buy you a drink, either decline or accompany them to the bar and watch that nothing is added to your drink.
  • Know your own limit.
  • If you meet someone new at a party, don’t go home with them or invite them back to your home or accept a lift from them. Arrange a second date in a public place to get to know the person better.
  • Pay attention to your instincts. If you feel un-easy about someone, there may be a reason
  • When it’s time to go home, carry your keys, mobile phone and some money in your pocket, so you can give up your handbag or wallet and escape quickly if necessary on the way home.
  • Always carry a personal alarm, and in your handbag, some rape drug testing sticks.

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