Christmas is a time for celebrating and being with those you love. However, the festivities can often present hazards and it is not uncommon for people to sustain injuries over the Christmas period.

As a result, Injury Claim Specialists have constructed a useful list of festive safety tips to help prevent accidents from occurring and ensure that everyone enjoys the holidays.

Christmas trees alone account for more than 1,000 injuries each year, with the main cause being people cutting themselves on pines whilst decorating and placing presents under the tree. Instances of Christmas tree lights exploding and causing minor burn injuries have also been recorded. Therefore it is essential that you are always aware when around any potential hazard.

It has long been that alcohol is a major part of many people’s Christmas celebrations, so unsurprisingly; a number of festive injuries are caused when people have had one too many. As a result it is important to drink responsibly and act appropriately over Christmas. Check out our safety tips below.

1. It is understandable that people want to celebrate with a few drinks, but you must always make sure that you remain in control. If you go out, try and take it in turns with a friend to stay sober, and always carry some Rape Drug Testing Sticks.

2. Pay attention and take care in the kitchen to avoid burning or cutting yourself. Especially if you are drinking alcohol.

3. Ensure that all food is prepared correctly to avoid anyone suffering from food poisoning.

4. There have been recorded cases of people choking on their Christmas dinner, especially the elderly. Therefore, if you have elderly guests, be sure to take extra care of them.

5. If it is a white Christmas and the roads are treacherous, avoid driving if possible.

6. Hundreds of Britain’s dogs are involved in Christmas related accidents each year. Keep your pets under control and out of the reach of small decorations that could cause them to choke.

7. Keep clutter out of the way and ensure that there are no trailing cables that someone could trip over.

8. Place Christmas trees away from all heat sources to avoid any fires occurring.

9. Keep all hot liquids out of the reach of children.

10. If decorating outdoors, be sure to check that the decorations are safe and weather resistant.

11. If you do go out, carry a personal alarm at all times.


Be safe, but enjoy yourselves and from all of us at Safe-Girl, have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!


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