Our Children

I received a text this week from my daughter’s school, informing me that a man in a white van has been flashing and trying to pick up local school girls.

I am being extra vigilant and am picking up my 4 daughters from school, during these dark nights. But I still make sure they all carry a personal alarm, just in case.

At the price of a drink in a bar, personal alarms could save your daughter’s life. We at Safe-Girl have pretty heart-shaped alarms, alarms with torches on, and alarms that can be easily hung on schoolbags. We also sell child locators, for any wayward toddlers.

All my daughters know how to work the alarm and they test them regularly. All of our alarms are stylish, fashionable, and can be gift-wrapped as a stocking filler.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, so why not think about your children’s safety during these winter months?


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