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Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. I have been very impressed with your after sale...

- Martin Saggs

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About us

Once upon a time, there were
four little princesses...

Safe Girl was created by an ordinary mum who was worried about her four little Princesses when they started to leave the house on their own.

The babies were starting to grow up, of course, but they were all still her little girls, her little darlings and always would be. Long may the fairy tale continue.

...but they were not safe in
the deep, dark, forest

The trouble is the world is not full of handsome Princes, after all. There are plenty of not-very-kissable frogs, ugly witches, and other perils out there in the deep, dark forest.

Instead of horse-drawn carriages, our heroines began walking home from schools, parks, pubs and clubs, and anywhere else that was deemed worthy of their precious time, often all alone.

Mum became increasingly anxious that her four beautiful Princesses would return home to their castle safe and sound.

if only there was a
lucky charm to protect them...

So she decided to give them something - a kind of lucky charm - they could use to protect themselves.

Just in case they stumbled upon any pirates, thieves, or sorcerers using their dark magic.

But with the girls having grown up on a diet of diamond-encrusted slippers and Disney, she realised that only beautiful, shiny things would work.

The lucky charms had to be pink, they had to be pretty, or cute, as well as lucky.

And once she had protected her little ones she started to think about all the other Princesses. And little Princes too.

There were millions of little girls and boys in the kingdom that needed these charms for protection.

And that’s where Safe Girl comes in.

Long may the fairy tale continue...