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Wondermama Wednesday

20th July 2016 (Eyma Awards.com)

Andrea Clark was chosen as wondermama of the week. here's the article;

Positive,passionate, fun-loving and excellent yummy mummy Andrea Clark is our #wondermama of the week. She has four daughters, aged 16, 14, 12, and 8. She started Safegirl in 2011, as she was becoming increasingly concerned about her eldest daughter Megan walking home from school on her own. Andrea tried to find a pretty, stylish personal alarm that she would love to carry around, but could only find ugly, bulky looking gadgets, so she came up with the idea of Safegirl, selling pretty, stylish and fashionable personal alarms for women and children.

So what inspires her?


"My four daughters inspire me. They all have such different passions and personalities. Seeing them getting joy from the smallest things inspires me. And other mums who are working hard to achieve their dreams. I am surrounded by positive, like-minded women, all striving to be a success for themselves, and for their children. It is awesome."

To the award wining mumpreneur a womdermama is a woman who has chosen to have children, and strives to be passionate, and not passive, in reaching her goals in all aspects of life, to give those children a better life.


Her advice to other mums is...


"If you have any dream or passion, pursue it. Being Mum means you already have a wealth of skills such as multitasking, problem-solving, creativity, and managing and/or operating on a budget.

Find like-minded mums who inspire you. They're your tribe. And when women support each other, amazing things happen!"

For fashionable personal alarm for children and women please visit http://www.safe-girl.co.uk



Knowing My Teenage Girl Carries An Alarm When Out Gives Me Piece Of Mind

16th December 2014 (Basildon Echo)

Safegirl’ fantastic rape alarms were in the press again yesterday. Here is the article;

When Andrea Clark’s teenage daughter set off to meet her friends in town on a Saturday she felt a pang of fear.

Most mums know how hard it can be to strike a balance between keeping youngsters safe and giving them independence.

Andrea says: “She was of the age when she wanted to go out and see her friends and I didn’t want to stop her, but I also wanted her to be safe.”

Andrea began searching online for attack alarms her four daughters could carry with them if they were in any danger.

She says: “All I could find online were very grown-up looking alarms that would not appeal to little girls and women. So I looked further afield and found some pretty pink ones I knew girls would carry with them. Knowing my eldest has an alarm when she is out with friends gives me peace of mind and makes me happier about her being more independent.”

Andrea began looking into statistics on rape and assaults on women and was shocked at what she found.

She says: “According to research I have read only three per cent of women carry an alarm, despite the fact they are proven to deter would-be attackers by 97 per cent.

“I have found that since carrying one myself I am more confident about going out when it is dark and feeling freer about where I go.”

But is being afraid and feeling the need to have protection a negative spiral for women? Andrea says: “The facts tell us crime rates have gone up and so it is up to individuals to make sure they are safe rather than choose not to go out.

“If these alarms work then why not use them?”

Andrea, 42, runs the site Safe Girl, which gives females guidance on staying safe and sells various alarms.

She has seen demand increase for alarms in recent months and says: “People are becoming more aware of the technology out there. It is improving all of the time and I move with that.

“There are apps alarms that people can download, but I think one of those won’t replace a handheld one because they take a long time to get out of your

pocket.” As a victim of domestic abuse, Andrea knows better than most how the threat of violence can come at the hands of someone a woman knows rather than a stranger.

She says: “Being in an abusive relationship taught me to see the covert tactics of abusers.

“People do not realise a lot of the time the victim is manipulated to such an extent they will lie to protect the abuser.”

Andrea has since left her traumatic relationship and is happily settled with a loving partner.

She adds: “That’s why I now speak up for those affected by domestic abuse, as well as campaign for street safety and stand up for rape and attack victims.”

Visit safe-girl.co.uk for details.


Louise Howeson

Basildon Echo

News Release

Safe-Girl's Andrea Clark Explains Why Every Woman Should Carry A Personal Alarm

14 November 2014

I am often asked why I think every woman should carry a personal alarm and why sometimes I seem to be on a women's safety crusade! The main purpose of a personal alarm is to shock and disorientate a potential attacker, therefore warding off an assault or worse. 97% of potential attacks are warded off by carrying a personal alarm.


The main purpose of a personal alarm is to shock and disorientate a potential attacker, therefore warding off an assault or worse. 97% of potential attacks are warded off by carrying a personal alarm. However, there are lots of different types of personal alarms, and making the right choice of alarm for you can be confusing.


Safe-girl want to help make that decision a little easier for you with some tips to think about while choosing a personal alarm.


The most important feature of a personal alarm is the sound it emits. If an attacker is to be shocked enough to pull away from you, this sound needs to be as loud and as shrill as possible. Most of Safe Girl's personal attack alarms are 130 decibels and over.


When choosing a personal alarm, in general my advice is the louder the better. If it's a choice between a few pounds and a 130 decibel personal alarm, you should go for the 130 decibel alarm in my opinion.


The sound your personal alarm emits also needs to be different from those which are commonly heard. For example, if a personal alarm pulsates like many car alarms, the sound may not be as effective as it is not so shocking to those who hear it, unfortunately people's senses have been 'dulled' to the sound car and house alarms.


My advice would be to choose a personal alarm that is designed to irritate both the ears of the attacker and the ears of passers by.


The DUSK alarm emits an ear-piercing 130Db 'female scream' type alarm sound that research has shown others are more likely to respond to than a traditional alarm, as well as disorientating an attacker.


For more information on the Ila Dusk Personal Alarm, please see;



Your personal alarm needs to be easy to carry, Some small alarms can still be very loud – although the sound may not last for very long – and can be easier to handle for some people. Search Safe Girl for Keyring Alarms and you will find some small suitable alarms.


The best compromise is in an alarm which can fit easily into the palm of your hand but is still very loud. The Pebble alarm fits onto a keyring easily, and is small enough to fit into your hand. Many other alarms hang off a handbag or belt easily.


For more information on the Ila Pebble Personal Alarm, please see;



Ease of use also needs to be considered: How would you operate the attack alarm in an emergency? There are many different ways to activate different types of personal alarms, including push caps, push buttons and pull out pins.


How fiddly is it to activate it? Do you have problems using your hands or fingers? Can it be operated simply by being pushed against something?


When & how to use a personal alarm


The primary purpose of an alarm is not to attract or help. You cannot rely on them to do that. Firstly, there may not actually be anyone within earshot. Secondly, hearing an alarm does not necessarily attract help.


If you are able to attract the attention of passers- by, you are more likely to get help if you shout a specific instruction – such as “Call the police!” This makes it clear that you are in danger and need help.


Once you have set off your personal safety alarm, leave the situation as quickly as you can, moving to a busy area if possible. Don’t wait to check that your attack alarm has had the desired effect; just go.


Your personal alarm(http://www.safe-girl.co.uk/) should be just one part of your personal safety plan: There are lots of other ways in which you can help yourself to avoid violence and aggression.


For many other safety tips and advice, please visit Safe Girl direct.




Safe-Girl Security Unveils New World Cup-Themed Alarm,Safe- Football

07 July 2014

Calling all safety conscious fashionistas...


To celebrate the amazing World Cup this year (that is if you're Brazilian, not English), Safe Girl Security can reveal its latest cute new hand alarm - nicknamed the 'Safe Football' to mark the footie tournament in South America.


The Safe Football is available in two colours: the obligatory pink, for girls, and black, in the hope that more boys will start to carry their own alarms too.


The little palm-sized device gives out a 120 decibel ear-splitting noise if triggered. It's ideal for joggers, the elderly or disabled, night shift workers, and for people that live alone.


"It may be small but it really packs a punch," says Andrea Clark, Safe Girl founder. "Carrying one of these things is immensely reassuring if you're alone. And the deafening noise is enough to scare off assailants if your are attacked."


Safe Girl Security is also launching a new wedge-shaped door alarm that emits a similarly powerful 120 decibel siren when activated.


The door wedge is ideal for home use and office use, and perfect for hotel rooms when you're on the road traveling.


"This alarm is ideal for travelers or for business women alone staying in different hotel rooms each night," adds Clark.


There's no installation required and the device fits any hinged door. The alarm can also be adjusted to high, medium or low sensitivity as required. It can also be used as a doorstep when power is turned off or if home alarm systems are down.


Both of the new products are operated by batteries that can easily be replaced.


"The best way to stay safe is to take a few simple precautions: tell people where you're going and when you'll be back, vary your routes, and try to walk home in groups or pairs. For those times when you are alone, though, carrying a personal alarm can provide an essential added safety measure."






Safe Girl Security Teams Up With Anna Lisa Larke

04 June 2014

Safe Girl Security Teams Up With Anna Lisa Larke (Former Girlfriend & Victim of Disgraced TV Star Justin Lee Collins) To Support Changes To Domestic Violence Laws

Safe Girl Security has joined forces with Anna Lisa Larke - the former girlfriend and victim of disgraced TV celebrity Justin Lee Collins - to help raise awareness about the effects of psychological abuse and domestic violence in the home.

Both are supporting Women's Aid in the 'Domestic Violence Law Reform Campaign', which seeks to introduce new changes to close gaps in the law around domestic violence which allow perpetrators to avoid prosecution for their abusive behaviour.

Currently, two women a week die at the hands of a partner or ex-partner in the UK.

Women's Aid is working in partnership with the Sara Charlton Charitable Foundation and Paladin to campaign for a new law that criminalises domestic violence.

It is a subject close to the heart for Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark who was in an abusive relationship herself.

She set up her company Safe Girl - which sells fashion-conscious alarms and gadgets to help women, teens and children feel safer on the streets - just before falling into her abusive relationship.

"Safe Girl is all about making women - from girls and teens to OAPs - feel safer both on the streets and in their own home," said Clark. "We are happy to work closely with Anna Lisa Larke to raise awareness on this very important issue."

In her case, Clark was unable to gain prosecution for her abuser after reporting the various incidents of physical and emotional harm too late. Despite facial beatings, slashed wrists and other injuries, it was only after the relationship ended that she finally went to the police. By then, it was too late to prosecute.

To add insult to injury, after almost 18 months of torment, she ended up being cautioned by police for harassing her abuser, just through trying to highlight the effects of her abuse. She has learnt that this is very often the case, when the abuser seeks to 'silence' their victim.

Larke was successful in her case against former lover Justin Lee Collins, the former star of late night TV show The Friday Night Project with Alan Carr. In 2012, Collins was eventually convicted of harassment causing fear of violence.

She said: "Since my case became public it has highlighted the behaviour that is going on inside thousands of homes. I've had countless emails from women and men saying how they were able to relate to the various types of abuse I suffered. This, in turn, gave them the boost they needed to leave their abusive relationships."

Larke added: "Anything I can do to support Women's Aid and help strengthen the laws surrounding domestic violence is an extremely worthwhile cause. Safe Girl is doing great things in making women feel safer on the streets, and through this partnership, we can help them feel safer inside the home too."

Both feel there is an urgent need to factor in emotional and psychological damage - as well as physical violence - into cases of domestic violence too. In a recent survey, 88% said the criminal justice system didn’t take psychological harm into account and 94% felt that mental cruelty can sometimes be worse than physical violence.

"It is high time for the criminal justice system to take into account the effects of verbal, psychological and emotional harm, which is often more painful than any physical injuries," said Clark. Through her blogs online, she now highlights the often secretive nature of domestic violence in the home, and the clever ways abusers are able to keep their victims silent.

She added: “The worst part for me was the daily emotional abuse I suffered, rather than the physical violence” she said. "The insidious nature of this kind of abuse can be all encompassing, engulfing body, mind and spirit, until the abuser has almost total control over their victim. My goal now is to empower women to stand up for themselves and to be more aware of the dangers they face both on the streets and behind closed doors.”

Safe Girl Scoops #WOW Award From Ann Summers Boss Jacqueline Gold

19 May 2014

Safe Girl Security has won a #WOW award from famous Ann Summers boss Jacqueline Gold.The Chelmsford, Essex-based firm sells fashionable safety alarms and other gadgets to protect girls, women and teens on the streets.

Gold - who is also the boss of undies chain Knickerbox - called the online retailing business a "great idea".

Safe Girl was set up by Andrea Clark, a mother of four girls, who wanted to do her bit to protect her children and to raise awareness of women's safety issues generally.

"It's great to be recognised by such a high profile figure as Jacqueline Gold and to win a #WOW award," she said.

"We've had so much public support for the work we are doing to help make women feel safer both on the streets and at home."

She added: "We want to make women more aware of the dangers they face when out and about, whether that's walking back from the pub at night or coming home from work. And, after suffering physical and emotional trauma myself at the hands of an abusive partner, I also want to highlight the insidious nature of domestic violence in the home too."

Gold - whose father David Gold is the co-owner of West Ham United football club - is passionate about supporting other women in business.

She launched the Women On Wednesday, or #WOW, awards three years ago to recognise new business ideas and talent.


Run, Santa, Run: The Safe Girl Personal Pedometer Is The Perfect Keep Fit Gift This Christmas

December 2013

Jog on this festive season with a stylish personal alarm/pedometer from safety fashionistas Safe Girl Security.

The perfect training accessory, it'll keep a record of your running performance and help keep you safe if you run into trouble on those cold, dark nights.

After you've polished off the Christmas leftovers on your plate, it's only natural that you're ready to put on your sneakers and head for the door to burn this extra calories, says Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark.

"But before you head out the door with your iPod and headphones blaring Lady Gaga into your eardrums, pause for a moment to shore up your safety," she says.

Rape alarm specialists Safe Girl Security have got just what you need: a beautiful personal alarm that you can take with you that doubles up as a pedometer.

"Carrying a personal alarm gives you added comfort if you’re out running on your own. You don’t want yo carry too much with you if you're jogging in the park or on the streets, so our pedometer alarm is a great way to combine safety with your training."

The Safe Girl pedometer alarm is inexpensive, pretty, useful, and might just save your life.

"Running is a great escape for many people, especially after Christmas with the in-laws, so go out and enjoy it. Just make sure you give some thought to where you’re going and how you can keep yourself safe, in case anything happens. Our pedometer alarm is a great tool for any female (or male) runner to stay safe as they’re clocking up the miles."


Handbags, Gladrags And Personal Alarms ...Keep Your Kids Safe At University With Safe Girl Security

10th September 2013

Heading off to university can be an anxious time for new students - and even more so for worried parents with children fleeing the nest for the first time.

Do your bit to help keep them safe in their new surroundings and pack them off with a personal alarm or another safety gadget from Safe Girl Security.

The fashion conscious firm sells a range of classy and cute personal alarms that are ideal for student life - you can get trendy leopard print ones, for example, to just hang off your handbag.

The company sells a whole range of other alarms and safety products for girls, women, teenagers and mums looking to keep an eye on their toddlers.

As well as personal alarms to carry, students might also appreciate Safe Girl's door wedges - these keep your dorm room door firmly shut, and alert you if someone is trying to open it. Ideal if you're sharing accommodation with lots of strangers.

Then there is the secure storage option in the shape of a baked bean tin to keep your valuables in.

"Whether you sailed into Cambridge or just scraped through into your local catering college it's a big life change for any student," says Safe Girl founder and mum-of-four girls, Andrea Clark, "and personal safety should be a big consideration."

She hopes to get more students across the country's universities carrying personal safety devices such as alarms - but only ones that look good too!

“We only sell great-looking, trendy or cute personal alarms, things that you would want to carry on you all the time anyway, regardless of your situation. Yes, they look fabulous but they are there for a very important reason too.”

For worried parents, it may just provide just that little bit more reassurance during those first few weeks away.

Visit the online shop: www.safe-girl.co.uk


Happy Birthday To Us: Safe Girl Security Is Two Years Old!

March 2013

Chelmsford based personal alarm specialist Safe Girl Security is celebrating its second birthday on 6th April 2013 - and it could not be going better.

The unique safety company - that sells classy and stylish personal alarms and gadgets to girls, teens, women and mums - opened for business in 2011.

Since then it has not only sold countless alarms and safety products all over the world, but Safe-Girl boss, Andrea Clark has started a campaign to raise Domestic Abuse awareness.

The Red Riding Hood Project was the brainchild of Paula Carrasquillo, a survivor of domestic abuse, in Washington, and of Andrea, herself a recent survivor.

"I want to raise awareness of the covert nature of abuse. I didn't even realise I was being abused, and not enough is known for women and men to recognise the signs," says Andrea, "Everybody has the right to feel safe inside their own homes and out on the streets"

"Safety is ongoing, you can never afford to take your eye off the ball. make yourself aware of the potential dangers, stay vigilant, and carry a rape alarm."


Farleigh Hospice '£50 Challenge' Inspires Creative Thinking From Local Business Leaders

Friday, 22nd March, 2013

Have you ever wondered where that money in your pocket has been before after you pull it out of the ATM at the bank?

The chances are that £10 or £20 note - or £50 if you're lucky - has been all over the country, even abroad, or locked inside the vaults of the Bank of England itself at some point.

Maybe that well-worn money has been through the hands of celebrities, even royalty (although the Queen doesn't carry cash, apparently).

It could have been passed on by X-Factor boss Simon Cowell; or what about comedian Russell Brand; or maybe Mayor of London Boris Johnson?

Sadly, the life story of your currency will remain a secret, so you may never know, but those pounds in your pocket may have some momentous stories to tell.

Perhaps that very note in your pocket was used by a previous lottery winner, who's now living the high life in the Bahamas.

But now there is one £50 note with a story to tell, and one that's definitely going to make a big difference.

Local safety champion, Andrea Clark, who runs girlie pink alarms business, Safe Girl Security, was recently handed a crisp £50 note as part of Farleigh Hospice's £50 Challenge.

The competition gives contestants £50 and asks them to turn it into as much money as possible for charity.

Mrs Clark says she intends to use her £50 to very powerful effect.

She's already lined up an auction of promises, where bidders can bid for things as diverse as a mini break and bicycle servicing, a quiz night and a charity raffle.

She's even bagged a few items from some very well known celebrities, in order to raise cash for the local charity.

Mrs Clark says: "The £50 Challenge is an inspiring and innovative way to raise money for a truly worthy cause. For me, it doesn't matter where that £50 has been before - even if it once belonged to the Prime Minister himself - from now, on it's going to be put to work to generate vital funding for this fantastic local institution, Farleigh Hospice."


About Farleigh Hospice: Farleigh Hospice has hospices all over Mid Essex, and is run purely on donations and fund-raising

About Safegirl Security: Safegirl  Security was started in 2011, by local women's safety campaigner Andrea Clark, mother of four


SafeGirl Security vows to make the streets of the UK a safer place for Women and Children in 2013

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Violence against women in the United Kingdom costs approximately £23 billion a year reported by White Ribbon Campaign. The emotional cost is even greater with over 80,000 women being raped each year and 45% of women in the UK are the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and/or being stalked as reported by Findings from the British Crime Survey located in London.

"I am dedicated to making sure every woman and child in the UK feel safer on the streets and in their own homes" says Safe Girl owner, Andrea Clark.

Fashionable personal protective equipment that complies with the laws of the United Kingdom government can be hard for women to acquire. With this in mind, Andrea Clark created Safegirl Security, founded in April 2011.

Personal safety devices come in various colours and designs to fit most fashion style. Leopard print, floral and Chinese are just some of the designs available for devices that are kept nearby and available at most times of vulnerability such as keychains, pedometers and combination locks.

Child protection is also at the heart of Safegirl Security. Protective devices for children range from a Teddy Bear Child Locator, safety blinkers in fun styles that children love and alarms in various fun shapes and styles such as a futuristic looking watch, girly hearts, and teddy bears.

Safegirl Security aims to curb the violence against children and women by better equipping potential victims with security devices that alert authorities while discouraging attackers, as well as educating women and girls on how to keep safe on the streets and inside their own homes.


Staying Safe Inside Your own Homes And Out On The Streets

18th December 2012

In a bid to help the most vulnerable women and children in the United Kingdom, Andrea Clark has launched www.safe-girl.co.uk. Clark initially setup the site with the intentions of launching a personal security alarm which would effectively prevent anything negative happening from those who wore them or had access to them. Her main focus has always been to help keep children, women and the most vulnerable safe and secure while out and about – living their daily lives and carrying out daily routines. Unfortunately, Clark ran into an abusive male herself only one week later after the launching the site. Now, after leaving the abusive relationship, Clark is appealing to women, children, the elderly and even males across the United Kingdom to make sure that each person has some form of protective measure available to protect themselves with.

Clark’s mission is to raise awareness for the safety of women, children and everybody else both inside and outside of their homes. The revolutionary Personal Security Alarm is currently being sold through her website, and provides the most vulnerable with a device that can be used to effectively prevent attacks from getting serious. The designs and custom-features allow the alarm to be clipped onto day-to-day things, such as backpacks.

To learn more about Clark and her mission, head over to: http://www.safe-girl.co.uk

Party On But Stay Safe At Chelmford Central Party With Safe Girl Alarms

29th May 2012

Local company Safe Girl Security will be joining the party - the Chelmsford Central Party, that is - this summer.

The one day event takes place on July 14 in Chelmsford's Central Park offering fun in the sun for both children and adults.

Safe Girl, which sells cute, stylish and fashionable personal alarms for girls, women and children, including parents with toddlers, is supporting the community event and plans to exhibit there.

The company's founder Andrea Clark says that while the day is all about fun and frolics it's always important to remember basic safety too."This summer is going to be great for fun and games, with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, followed by the London Olympics - especially if the sun is shining. But if you're in large crowds with children, and especially if there is drinking going on nearby, it's essential to remain vigilant. Our personal alarms - and our toddler proximity alarms - can help keep you safe and keep track of your little ones too."

The Chelmsford Central Party promises great things for young and old alike, offering children bouncy castles, face painting, soccer schools and magic shows among other attractions.

For the grown-ups there'll be a licensed bar, plus large TV screen showing live football from the European championships or from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

There'll also be a wide variety of food including a BBQ, hog roast and flame-grilled chicken.


Runners Of The World Unite: With A Personal Safety Pedometer

April 2012

Don't get caught short when you're out running this season, carry a special runner's personal alarm/pedometer from Safe Girl Security.

Now that Spring is here, people are starting their jogging with a bit more zeal, or looking to keep fit as the warmer weather makes going outside a bit more appealing.

And if you're a more serious runner then the London Marathon is just around the corner (April 22, to be exact!).

But before you head out the door with your iPod and headphones blaring Lady Gaga into your eardrums, pause for a moment to shore up your safety.

Rape alarm specialists Safe Girl Security have got just what you need: a beautiful personal alarm that you can take with you that doubles up as a pedometer.

It's the perfect training accessory, reckons Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark.

"Carrying a personal alarm gives you added comfort if you're out running on your own. You don't want to carry too much with you if you're jogging in the park or on the streets, so our pedometer alarm is a great way to combine safety with your training."

The Safe Girl pedometer alarm is inexpensive, useful and could save your life, she adds. "Running is a great way to stay fit and its becoming increasingly popular so go out and enjoy it. Just make sure you give some thought to where you're going and how you can keep yourself safe, in case anything happens. Our pedometer alarm is a great tool for any female - or male - runner to stay safe as they’re clocking up the miles."


Spring Has Sprung: Stay Safe With Safe Girl When You're Out Smelling the Flowers

April 2012

Spring may be in the air but don't take your eye off the ball when it comes to your own safety, that's the message from personal alarm specialists Safe Girl Security.

With more people heading outside because of the warmer weather - for walks, picnics and playtime in the park - it's especially important to remember key personal safety advice.

That means following a few simple rules for you, your friends and your loved ones.

"Spring is definitely in the air: the sun is shining and the daffodils are blooming," says Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark. "Get outside and breathe it all in - but don't let it go to your head. Just because the dark nights are now over it doesn’t mean the risks are gone."

Carrying a rape alarm is one way to feel more confident when you're out and about, no matter what the time of year, she says. Day or night, carrying an alarm is a great way of deterring any potential assailant if you are walking alone or in an isolated area.

"The best advice is to always be aware of the threats and dangers that you may be exposed to. But carrying an alarm on you at all times, whether its clipped to your handbag or on a keychain, really provides added reassurance if you're on your own at any time."

"Attacks on individuals do not just happen late at night, and in city streets, but in the middle of the day too, and sometimes in public parks", she adds.

Safe Girl sells classy and cute personal alarms for women, girls, teenagers, and mums under the girlie banner 'Personal Protection for Fashion Conscious Princesses'.

"The alarms look great - they’re designed as fashion accessories - so grab one before you go out and feel confident as you tiptoe through the daffs."


Happy Birthday To Us: Safe Girl Security Is One Year Old!

April 2012

Chelmsford based personal alarm specialist Safe Girl Security is celebrating its first birthday this week - and the company is going from strength-to-strength.

The innovative safety company - that sells classy and stylish personal alarms and gadgets to girls, teens, women and mums - opened for business in 2011.

Since then it has sold countless alarms to females - and males - from all over the world. "We've had a tremendous response, not just in the UK, but from as far afield as the United States, Australia and even Africa," says Safe Girl boss Andrea Clark.

"People have also written in to tell us how our products have helped keep them safe and boost their confidence when they are out and about. That makes it really worthwhile."

The company was created not just to sell personal alarms but useful safety fashion accessories, that girls will want to carry with them.

"We only sell great-looking or cute personal alarms, things that you would want to carry on you all the time anyway, regardless of your situation. Yes, they look fabulous but they are there for a very important reason too."

Like all things safety though Safe Girl Security is not resting for a moment.

The company continues to work with other key organisations engaged in promoting safety - including the police - to drive the safety message home.

"Safety is ongoing, you can never afford to take your eye off the ball. make yourself aware of the potential dangers, stay vigilant, and carry a rape alarm."


Product Review: 'Mommy I'm here' Teddy Bear Child Locator

21st March 2012

Click here to read the review by Elsie Button Reviews.


This Mother's Day, Say It With Safe Girl: Buy Her A Personal Alarm

March 2012

Forget the flowers, ditch the chocolates: this Mother's Day give your dear old mum the gift of safety.

Safe Girl Security are offering beautiful, shiny - and very practical - personal alarms that will help keep your mum safe and sound when she's out and about. And they'll make you look just like the doting son or daughter that you are in her eyes too.

From yummy mummies to gorgeous old grannies, Safe Girl have stylish and cute personal alarms to suit all tastes when Mother's Day arrives on Sunday March 18

The company offers a whole range of girly safety products, rape alarms and gadgets to girls and women of all ages. Starting from just £5.

"We all love our mums but she won't thank you for buying her chocolates again this year, so why not get her something practical and beautiful instead," says Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark. "All our alarms have a very important practical use, to help keep women safe, but we only sell the most beautiful, so it's no hardship in carrying them around with you wherever you go."

Safe Girl alarms can be hung on handbags, clipped onto clothing, or simply just carried with you, so they are always ready and available should you need them.

"Mother's Day is a great day to show the most important person in your life how much you mean to them," adds Andrea. "So give them something extra special, thoughtful and unique this year, even if it means cutting out the obligatory chocolates."


How to Be Safe... and Trendy

February 2012

Love is in the air and men can show their wives and girlfriends just how much they care by keeping their other halves safe...

Click here to read the full article in the Weekly News


Fellas, Defend Your Girl’s Honour This Valentine’s Night with a Trendy 'Safe Girl' Personal Alarm

Release Date: 1 February, 2012

Fellas, prove you manhood this Valentine's Day and show your girl precisely how much you love her - by keeping her safe and sound on the city streets with a Safe Girl personal alarm.

Best of all, do it without having to square up to some big thug, eager for a brawl: just buy her one of our chic and trendy alarms, and job done.The groovy safety gadgets are designed as fashion accessories to hang off handbags, or on key rings, or - if she's really fit - to take with her running. So she'll think you're some style guru as a well as a super thoughtful boyfriend.

Prices start from £5.99 for a sexy, shiny heart-shaped alarm - a great, practical and very romantic thought, and a bargain too in these tight economic times. Surely not too much to prove your undying love?

"Boys, if you're serious about getting in her knickers this Valentine's Day, then don't skip the pressies. Flowers and chocolates are great, and may well do the trick. But go the extra mile and send her a cutesy toy too, one that will help keep her safe and sound when she's out and about in these dark, bitingly cold nights," says Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark.

Personal alarms specialist Safe Girl Security sells trendy personal alarms and safety gadgets to girls, teenagers, students, young women and parents with toddlers.

The company also works with other entities, such as the police, nightclubs and charities, to promote personal safety. It offers a wealth of practical information on personal safety including email alerts, leaflets, and useful online 'Stay Safe' tips for young women.

Check out Safe Girl's beautiful range of personal alarms for Valentine's Day at: www.safe-girl.co.uk


Safe Girl Security Promoting UK Toddler Safety With Innovative US Tracking Device, 'Mommy I'm Here'

Release Date: 22 January, 2012

An innovative product from the States - the Mommy I'm Here child tracking locator - is being tipped to make a big impact in the UK and Europe this year.

Personal alarms specialist Safe Girl Security brought the Mommy I'm Here locators to the UK market last year - the first UK retailer to do so - and have been overwhelmed by interest in the product ever since.

The cute teddy bear locators - which have been featured on US television - attach to a toddler's shoe or clothing, and send an alert to a parent's handheld unit if the child ventures beyond a set distance.

It means the parent can quickly identify the child's whereabouts in a crowd, great for shopping trips, theme parks, and other busy places.

"The teddy bears look great and are fascinating to toddlers, so they have no problems wearing them," says Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark.

"And if an adventurous youngster does disappear out of sight, even for just a few moments, then its great to have that added peace of mind with the Mommy I'm Here tracker."

The parent can also quickly choose to find out where their child is at any time by simply pressing a button on the handheld unit, which will trigger the child’s teddy bear to bleep loudly.

"Every year, thousands of children are reported lost or missing in the UK," says Andrea. "While nothing is more important than vigilance and an awareness of the dangers, the Mommy I’m Here locators are a great way of buying a little extra peace of mind."


Safe Girl Launches 2012 Women's Safety Initiative: 'Be a Safe Girl'

Release Date: 21 January, 2012

Personal alarms company Safe Girl Security has launched a new campaign for 2012, working with pubs and nightclubs to help keep young women safe and sound when they’re out on the town.

The aim is to partner with pubs, clubs and other night spots to keep safety at the forefront of young women's minds when they're out drinking.

This will include creating an awareness of the potential dangers young women face when they’re out late at night or walking back home.

Safe Girl is looking to work with all pubs, clubs and nightspots to generate awareness on the issue. The company offers information alerts on personal safety, leaflets, as well as practical online 'Stay Safe' tips for young women.

At the end of last year, Safe Girl - which sells cute and trendy personal alarms and gadgets to girls, teenagers, young women and parents with toddlers - teamed up with its first night spot in Chelmsford, Essex.

Safe Girl and Bar 7, located on Chelmsford’s busy Hight Street, are undertaking joint research to gauge current awareness levels to personal security among young women in the area.

"We want to partner with as many clubs, pubs and night spots as possible, all over the country, to get the safety message across,” says Safe Girl founder Andrea Clark.

"If a pub or club makes contact we have lots of information on personal safety that we can send them that will benefit their female customers. We can also provide useful online links with some really practical do's and don'ts when you’re out for the night clubbing."

Registering for the initiative is a great way to show responsibility to the community in which any night club operates, she says.

For pubs or clubs who take the safety of their customers seriously it's a no brainer: join the 'Be A Safe Girl' initiative.

To register interest in the Safe Girl 2012 'Be A Safe Girl' campaign email: info@safe-girl.co.uk


Safetly Alarms Now a Fashion Accessory

January 2012

As the song goes, "it's the most wonderful time of the year", but the festive period isn't free from dangers and risks...

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Sales scene say be “Safe seen” this Christmas and beyond

December 2011

Sales Scene, a social media marketing agency located right in the centre of Grays – has ordered personal safety alarms for all female staff as an early gift from Santa.

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Safety First At Bar 7: Chelmsford Night Spot Invests In Personal Security For Staff

26th November 2011

Popular Chelmsford night spot, Bar 7, is taking the safety of its staff very seriously this Christmas.

The high street bar - which will be at the heart of festivities as the Christmas build-up begins - has ordered personal safety alarms for all it's female staff as an early gift from Santa.

Boss Dawn Stansfield ordered the trendy-looking personal alarms from local company Safe Girl Security following a spate of attacks on young women in the county town in recent weeks and months.

"Christmas is all about having fun - which is what Bar 7 is all about - but that also includes keeping our staff and customers safe, which is just as important," she says. "I wanted the alarms as a thank present you to all my girls for their hard work and also to get them thinking about their own personal safety as well."

Bar 7 is also working with Safe Girl Security to highlight the personal safety message, both for staff and customers.

Andrea Clark, who runs the girly alarm company, says the pretty alarm designs mean young women have no problem carrying them around or hanging them off their handbags.

"Our alarms are personal safety tools, first and foremost, but they look fabulous too," she says. "Lots of girls use them as cool accessories so it's no hardship having them with you on a night out - and it's great to have them as reassurance when you're walking home."

To pick up safety tips for your Christmas night out visit the Safe Girl Security website: www.safe-girl.co.uk


Product Review: 'Mommy I'm here' Teddy Bear Child Locator

17th July 2011

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Product Review: 'Mommy I'm here' Teddy Bear Child Locator

14th July 2011

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Product Review: 'Mommy I'm here' Teddy Bear Child Locator

Revolutionary Device Designed to Keep Children from Wandering could Benefit Families of Children with Autism

4th July 2011

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Safe Girl in the The Romford Recorder

2nd June 2011

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Safe Girl Security Now Offers US Child Locators To UK Parents

Release Date: 11 May 2011

A UK company, Safe Girl Security (safe-girl.co.uk), has become the first to bring a popular US Child Locator product to the UK.

The product, Mommy I'm Here, has been featured on TV shows stateside Good Morning America, CSI: Miami) and is hugely popular with American parents looking after young toddlers.

The child locators emit an alarm if a child ventures outside a set perimeter. The parent can also press a button on a handheld device to get an alarm to sound on the child's unit, pinpointing their exact location in crowds or busy areas.


Safe Girl in the Essex Chronicle

21st April 2011

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Handbags, Gladrags And Personal Alarms ...
Personal Protection For Fashion Conscious Princesses

Release Date: 30 March 2011

A new Chelmsford-based company, Safe Girl Security, has launched today pledging ‘Personal Protection for Fashion Conscious Princesses’

The company is the brainchild of mum-of-four, Andrea Clark, who hopes to get more young women, girls and mums carrying personal safety devices such alarms - but only ones that look good too!

Safe Girl sells a range of classy and cute personal alarms for girls, women, teenagers and mums looking to keep an eye on their toddlers

Andrea says the inspiration for the business comes simply from wanting to protect her own children (four girls).

“I love my children just like any mum but I’m terrified at the thought of them going out on their own, whether that’s walking home from school or out in the park,” she says.

“Anything I can do to help them - even when I am not there with them - gives me just that little bit more reassurance. And personal alarms are ideal for that.”

But the alarms also need to look good too, she adds, otherwise the girls won’t carry them. “We only sell great-looking or cute personal alarms, things that you would want to carry on you all the time anyway, regardless of your situation. Yes, they look fabulous but they are there for a very important reason too.”

Safe Girl opened for business on March 30, 2011. Visit the online shop: www.safe-girl.co.uk


Safe Girl Mum Puts Kids Before Mother's Day

Release Date: 25 March 2011

Hold the flowers and chocolates: one Chelmsford mum's not going to be getting much rest this Mother's Day.

Mum of four, Andrea Clark, has just launched a new business designed to keep her four little girls -- and others just like them -- safe and sound when they're out and about.

Her company, Safe Girl, sells classy and cute personal alarms for women, girls, teenagers, and mums looking to keep an eye on their tiny toddlers -- all under the girlie banner 'Personal Protection for Fashion Conscious Princesses'.

She says it's been a full-time job opening the online shop (http://www.safe-girl.co.uk) so taking a day off -- even Mother's Day -- is not an option.

"As much as I'd like to be wined and dined on Mother's Day, I feel passionately about this and the whole idea of keeping my kids -- and all the other girls in the area -- safe from any harm," says Andrea.

"It's a scary world out there but it's the one our children are growing up in."

Safe Girl launched on March 30, 2011 so it's only early days but the response so far has been encouraging, she adds.

"The feedback we've had so far has been terrific. People have been really supportive," says Andrea. "If our alarms can help just one girl -- whether she's walking home from school on her own or coming back from a night club --- then it's all been worthwhile."

So put the champagne back in the fridge this Sunday, there's mum's work to be done.