Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Become a SafeGirl Sister?

When you become a Safegirl Sister you will receive a starter pack that contains everything you need to get your flexible home business off to a start. Inside the kit you'll have a full range of products worth over £100 (Pack A) and over £160 (Pack B) RRP to get you up and running and making money, plus a training guide, sales and marketing tips and access to our online support.

Our starter kits contain everything you need to ensure that your business gets off to a STUNning start! For just £85 (Pack A) or £130 (Pack B), you'll receive a starter kit full of products and business supplies, a book of tips to help make your own business a success and ongoing access to webinar training and support.

How do I Purchase a Product?

To ensure that you have the best shopping experience possible, we want you to find a SafeGirl Sister near you who can place an order for you and also help answer any questions you may have. To find your nearest SafeGirl Sister, click here.

What do I Need to do to Keep Earning as a SafeGirl Sister?

Our business model is based on two simple programmes. You may participate at Sister Level (retailing), or Sponsor Level (retailing and building a small team), depending on your ambition, the time you have available and your personal circumstances. However, you are free to increase or decrease your activity whenever you choose.

Sister Level:

Sponsor Level:

Sponsoring is simply offering others the same opportunity that was offered to you. When you introduce a new Sister to the business, you will earn a Sponsor Bonus based on their PBV for any one month in which you also meet your monthly qualifying PBV requirements. This is in addition to your Sales Bonus.

There are three levels of Sponsor Bonus based on your team’s productivity:

*Downline refers to all your Sisters and their own recruits. For example, you sponsor Mary, who sponsors Jane (your second downline), who sponsors Sarah (your third downline).