A great way to join in the SafeGirl movement is to host your own Empowerment event. This is a small gathering (8-10) of friends and family in your home. Not only will your guests thank you for introducing them to some life-saving products, but you will have fun too!

A SafeGirl Sister will come and do everything for you. A fun and yet helpful chat about empowering you and your friends to feel safe and confident. Have a look at our stylish yet practical safety products.

We can also come along to schools, universities and colleges to provide safety talks, or we can come along to groups that you may attend, or provide safety advice at fetes or events.

If you would like to host an Empowerment Event in your home, or you have other ideas as to how we can help you, please click here and your SafeGirl Sister will be in touch. With free products for hosts and fundraising opportunities for organisations, we would love to hear from you.

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Did you know
1 in 3 women will experience intimate partner abuse in her lifetime?