Our Pledge

We are passionate about empowering all women to help themselves and to stand strong. As part of this commitment we pledge to work with and support relevant charitable groups, including Women's Aid, Victims' Support and Kidscape to raise awareness and help to provide extra care to support the most vulnerable and at risk girls, teens and women in our society.

Change the Law - Sign Now!

“I was in two abusive relationships and in both cases, once I had escaped, it was too late to report my assaults. A typical trait of an abuser is to try to make YOU look the guilty one or to try to silence you, and in fact, after finally escaping, I was cautioned for harassment of him, when I shared my story on social media. If an overall law of domestic violence was in place, or if the time to report an assault is extended, both my abusers would have been convicted. This is just my story. It's happening every day to hundreds of victims of abuse. It needs to change. Please sign our petition to Change the Law on Domestic Abuse.” Andrea Clark