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It can be a worry (for us parents!) when our children start fleeing the nest, but it's all part of growing up. Prepare your teens and young adults for their time away with our 'Pack It' kit. Not only will it make them feel safe, it's a great reassurance for those of us back home too!

This pack is idea for students going off to university or college and staying in student digs, or for travellers heading away and sleeping in strange hotels and foreign places. They won't be there at home with you, but it's reassuring to know you've sent them off with some good advice (a book of safety tips is included) and a few essentials (i Scream personal alarm, a carbon monoxide detector, a 'Step Away' door wedge alarm).

While the social side of university is legendary, it also means being exposed to lots of new people and influences. Campus and travel safety starts with awareness and knowledge, but it's also good to cut risk where possible, so we've included things like 'Not In My Drink' drink/drug testing kits inside as well, so they'll know for sure if the mojitos are spiked.

A stylish pink hold-all containing:

  • i-Scream personal alarm
  • Pack of 2 'Not In My Drink' coasters (4 tests)
  • 'Step Away' door wedge alarm
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Safety Tips booklet
Item Code: PI100

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