A Gift For Mum And A Gift For You!

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It seems that almost weekly nowadays we have a ‘Hallmark’ day of some kind. A day that exists primarily for commercial reasons as opposed to signifying a traditional event. Christmas; Thanksgiving; Halloween; Valentines; Grandparents;  International Women’s Day;  International Men’s Day; Pancake Day, Love Your Pet Day, the list is endless…

And next month, in the UK, we have Mother’s Day.

I personally love Mother’s Day. After a tiresome long couple of dark dreary months to begin the year, Spring is Sprung. Daffodils are out, there is hope in the air, and everything feels right with the world again. I also love the fact that we set aside a whole day to honour and celebrate the women who raised us.

My own mother is an amazing woman who couldn’t do more for us and for her seven grandchildren. We’re grateful and thankful all year round, but having one special day for mums gives us the opportunity to just spoil her and show our gratitude and repay her somewhat for all she does.

My four daughters are all growing up too quickly but I still love waking up to the handmade gifts they’ve poured their hearts into making. I have kept them all over the years and they know I treasure these more than anything money could buy.

Saying that, all us females in the family carry a personal alarm with us wherever we go. And however you choose to celebrate your Mum this year, what better gift is there than the gift of safety, to let her know how much you care and want to keep her safe and protected?

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we are offering you an ‘i-scream‘ personal alarm, worth £9.00, absolutely free, with every order from now until Friday 20th March 2020.

Just order as usual via the website www.safe-girl.co.uk


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